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Painting with Light celebrates 20th anniversary

Painting with Light celebrates 20th anniversary

From dream to visual entertainment powerhouse

Genk, Belgium, 17 September 2019 – Painting with Light, the Belgian-based visual design & light technology specialist, proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary. The company has built an impressive track record from utilising multiple media and luminescent sources & content, to creating inspiring designs with breath-taking WOW factors and dramatic immersive environments.

The company was founded by Luc Peumans in 1999 and has meanwhile grown from an ambitious dream to a leading international technical innovator and solutions provider. Luc’s vision, imagination, focus and sense of adventure have driven Painting with Light to become the imagineering powerhouse it is today, working across multiple entertainment and leisure industry platforms with a skilled team of dynamic and passionate experts.

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Painting with Light’s core business started with designing lighting, video and scenic elements for music tours and festivals, television productions, a diversity of live events and theatre productions. Luc’s eagerness to learn and experiment opened new opportunities in ‘crossover’ disciplines like ‘architainment’, which require a broader approach with the adaptation of light and ‘luminosity’ utilising different techniques and treatments.

A lot has happened in 20 years, with some amazing advances in various technologies embraced by the world of entertainment technology. Painting with Light’s work is now an invigorating balance of projects in its original sectors, plus newer areas where lighting and media installations are integral to creating atmosphere and mood. With a visitor-centric approach, the team successfully implements new installations across theme parks, attractions, museums, venues and buildings from offices to big football arenas. There’s even been several more esoteric art installation work including ‘Protected Paradise’ created by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen for the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Luc Peumans comments: “We are proud to have contributed to the professionalism of the entertainment industry by elevating events and attractions with light design & technology. Our objective is to evoke emotions and create a more immersive experience by adding a strong visual dimension. This requires a deep understanding of each project’s dynamics and the client expectations. To achieve this, we have built a reliable multi-disciplinary team who combines technology with creativity, going the extra mile and enjoying the journey towards a quality end result.”

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Creative visual strategies and solutions
Painting with Light constantly keeps abreast and ahead of emerging technologies and trends, developing relationships with a mix of technology leaders and manufacturers – all the time remaining completely independent. The key is applying equipment and tools to the array of work, with the team adding value to projects with their unique technical expertise and creativity.Luc has always been passionate about drama, music and performance and as a teenager became fascinated by the technical aspects of show production. His engineering studies at college boosted his own practical appetite and satisfied some of his curiosity for technology and creative risk-taking. He always wanted to make a difference with the company, and in turn inspire future and upcoming young professionals.

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The company has grown and been nurtured, carefully and steadily, from his brainchild to a virtuoso team of 20+ experts. They are based in an amazing office and headquarter in Genk, which is a contemporary artwork in its own right! The project to renovate the old stable block of the once flourishing deep seam coal mine – now popular visitor attraction ┬áC-MINE – took three years and was a labour of love and design. It now provides a funky environment in which the collective synergies of Painting with Light can thrive and produce creative visual strategies and solutions. Luc adds: “If you want a motivated team, it’s important to have an inspiring place to work, create, produce and interact.”

Recent projects include light technology for the multi-awarded Popcorn Revenge interactive dark ride at Walibi, Belgium and Bazyliszek in Legendia, Poland; lighting throughout the Majaland theme park area at the Kownaty Holiday Park in Poland for Plopsa; site-wide atmospheric lighting and the creation of light- art works for the Campo Solar festival plus several music and theatre tours like 40-45 for Studio 100.

Luc concludes: “Reaching the 20-year mark is a huge achievement! It has been an amazing journey and this anniversary is a tribute to the whole team and all those who have played a major part in the company! We want to continue exceeding our client’s expectations by further innovating and challenging ourselves with new creative applications and technologies. Here’s to the next 20 years!”

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About PWL Group

PWL Group is headquartered in C-Mine Genk, Belgium, and consists of Painting with Light, De Paardenstallen and ILLUMIWARE. Founded in 1999 by CEO Luc Peumans, Painting with Light is an innovative Lighting & Video Design Studio with roots in live entertainment, concerts and broadcasting. The expert team develops advanced lighting and video technologies for compelling stories and visual experiences in entertainment and leisure markets, as well as retail and architectural applications. The latest innovation is a fully equipped Virtual Event Studio with augmented reality decors and special light & sound for live interactive event recording and broadcasting.

Painting with Light empowered dark rides with smart light technology, including multiple-awarded Popcorn Revenge at Walibi Belgium and Basyliszek in Legendia, Poland. Other projects include Plopsa Station (Belgium) and Plopsaland attractions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. Show lighting and video design for musical spectaculars like 40-45 and Daens, concerts & festivals, football arenas, monuments & buildings across the globe.

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